It’s the end of the month, and your driver’s license is set to expire. You arrive at the DMV first thing in the morning and are met with standing room and a two hour wait.

For drivers in Kansas, this familiar struggle has been eliminated, thanks to iKan by PayIT and the KanLicense application by INNOVA Consulting Group.

What is iKan?

The iKan mobile app allows individuals between the ages of 21 and 50 who already have Kansas driver’s licenses to renew their license, renew vehicle registrations and obtain records without ever setting foot in the DMV, saving drivers wait time and significantly decreasing processing time for the state. PayIT is the creator of the iKan application.

What is KanLicense?

The KanLicense application is the core DMV application running all back-office requirements for the Kansas DMV. The application launched last fall and is the first-of-its-kind nationwide. INNOVA’s team led the ground work of upgrading a 20+ year old mainframe hosted driver license solution to a Microsoft.NET web-based application. Because of the upgrade into modern technology, now the iKan app can simply call the backend services from KanLicense and allow Kansans to renew their driver’s license without having to leave their home.

We had the pleasure of taking the technological wheel for the project in June 2015, providing all of the technical solutions for the project, including UX design, UI design, and architecture design and development.

In addition to the development of KanLicense, we also were instrumental in getting the application certified with AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) a process divided into multiple steps, spanning over six months. Team INNOVA is proud to have a DMV team who has the most current knowledge of AAMVA requirements and can get a DL solution certified in record time.

A holistic approach

For a unique project like this, we understood that the State’s relationship with external audiences was just as important as their internal processes, and usability would make or break those relationships. That’s why ensuring a full, 360-degree approach was critical.

A tech partner should immerse themselves in your business to understand your processes, pain points, and business goals, and develop a solution that’s specific to your organization’s needs.

However, a comprehensive solution doesn’t end there. Changing your processes is a difficult transition for the entire organization, from the frontline to the C-suite to your customer’s interface experience. You need experts who can provide organizational change management and proper onboarding to ensure a smooth transition for every single user.

With KanLicense, we not only had to develop a complex application that accomplished what the state needed, we also had to guarantee the product was intuitive for any Kansan looking to renew their license. By testing the product for the state, we ensured what Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer called a “smooth” launch with “minimal interruption to service for Kansas.”

Roadmap into the future

We are proud to trailblaze this groundbreaking technology. It’s a great example of how application development and IT solutions can impact processes for both government and businesses and continue to put our region on the map. iKan and KanLicense will impact millions of drivers in Kansas and serve as a model for other states in the future.

Interested in building a custom app for your organization? Contact INNOVA to see how a fresh set of eyes for the road ahead can drive innovation and move your organization forward.

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