Mobile Application Development

INNOVA’s team of design architects, project managers, user experience experts and developers bring decades of experience in developing mobile apps that work with multiple platforms, as well as maintenance and support. We forensically analyze computer source code across a broad set of languages.

INNOVA can take your mobile app idea from concept to reality.

Our Technology Stack Capabilities

Mobile Application Development

Team INNOVA is highly proficient and brings decade of experience in developing Mobile Apps that work with multiple platforms. We are proud of our expert team of Design Architects, Project Managers, User Experience Experts and Developers who are proficient in mobile application development, maintenance and support. Team INNOVA’s capabilities are to forensically analyze computer source code across a broad set of languages (ex. HTML5, .NET Core, Angular, Axure, Figma, IONIC CORDOVA, Twilio, Sendgrid, Stackify, Ndepend., Onesignal). This is the finest and lowest level of granularity from which our team focuses on employing best of breed technologies and defined processes.

Sample Past Experiences

Built a Xamarin based iOS and Android app for a large fortune 500 company to assist with new talent pursuit and recruitment. The application uses Sendgrid, Azure functions, Azure blob storage and Xamarin as technology stack. Total development was completed in less than 60 days and App went live with Android and iOS simultaneously. INNOVA is under multi-year contract that involves hosting and ongoing support.

Built a Groupon like app for a white label marketing company that allows for users to search coupons and deals nearby & national/online deals. The App has since been replicated for multiple white label customers serving the needs of approximately 800,000 customers. The App is built using IONIC Cordova as a wrapper technology and base code written in Angular, Node, backend services in .net and storage as SQL Server.

Built mobile application to allow a project managers working on construction sites to submit PO requests for purchases needed. The application focused on simplicity of design and efficiency of getting POs approved without delay in construction work. This application cut down the review and approval process by 80% without compromising controls and security. The Application was built using PowerApps (new Microsoft framework for low code development)

Our Approach

INNOVA’s Mobile application development process is very prescriptive and divided into multiple phases:

Envision Phase

Learn about the existing environment by conducting a survey of the environment and customizations.

Planning Phase

Plan the application design approach and create the Project Plan by analyzing the findings of the Envision Phase.

Build Phase

Prepare the UX UI Designs, create development/Test environment for the app development by optimizing and remediating the designs. Create non-production environments for web hooks, APIs and any third-party integration services.

Stabilize Phase

Test the application by installing in android and iOS devices. Fix any issues discovered during dry-runs. Refine and document repeatable migration activities based on dry-runs.

Deploy Phase

Build the Production install files for iOS and Android and deploy web hooks/APIs to production servers/installations. Submit app for Google Play and Apple AppStore approval. Monitor the progress and provide clarification to questions and concerns raised during the app review process.

Validation Phase

Validate that the app deployed successfully by installing and configuring on Android and iOS devices.

Maintenance and support are easier as there is essentially just 1 version of code that applies to both iOS and Android devices

Core mobile app capability still resides within .net and angular technology. This allows ease of utilizing the talent pool that is already skilled in .net technologies

The solution in .net matches and integrates well with DCSA/DSE’s existing core set of technologies

Ionic offers the native mobile app wrapper technology without losing any native app capability. For end-user there is no difference between the app that is written using .net core/Angular and ionic v/s native code written in Swift, React, Xamarin or other similar technologies.

Why IONIC Cordova

Since mobile technology took off, two schools of thought evolved along with the tech evolution of Google Android devices and Apple iOS devices. App development remained a very native, tightly coupled codebase that would only work for Android or iOS. Until recently, IONIC CORDOVA can now act as a wrapper around base .Net Core and Angular code provide the ability to maintain a single codebase and still be able to service the native app needs of both Android and iOS. Ionic is used for hybrid development in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, which allows a developer to quickly create powerful and beautifully designed mobile apps that can be deployed through Cordova. Ionic is built on top of AngularJS and, apart from helping you build a solid app structure with it, uses Angular directives for all of its components. Here are the benefits of using ionic framework

Case Study

Driving Kansas to the finish line: INNOVA creates groundbreaking driver’s license solution

Driving Kansas to the finish line: INNOVA creates groundbreaking driver’s license solution

It’s the end of the month, and your driver’s license is set to expire. You arrive at the DMV first thing in the morning and are met with standing room and a two hour wait. For drivers in Kansas, this familiar struggle has been eliminated, thanks to iKan by PayIT and the KanLicense application by INNOVA Consulting Group. Learn more…

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