M/O usage and adoption

Even the most talented teams have trouble keeping up with the latest tech innovations. To get the most out of your software, you need an expert team of Microsoft specialists at your side.

At INNOVA, we immerse ourselves in your business to understand your processes, make recommendations to improve your tech, and provide comprehensive onboarding with your team to ensure a smooth transition.

How can Usage and Adoption solve business challenges?

Unique Assessment

Our qualified team supports both the user-facing and the back office tools that make your company work, and we help you efficiently maximize your solutions. We begin with a unique assessment of your existing software applications to identify areas where you can:

Simplify processes

Save money on Microsoft licensing

Increase the value of your investment

From inventory tracking to internal collaboration software, we can increase the value of your IT dollars by identifying your current needs, quantifying exactly how your systems can be improved and optimized, and helping you decide which solutions are right for you—from the warehouse to HR to the C-suite.

Roadmap for Change

Technology is constantly evolving. Staying on top of it is critical to your organization’s success.

Whether it’s Office 365, Microsoft 365, Azure Cloud, SQL or SCCM, our team can create a roadmap for change that includes organizational change management services to smooth out any bumps in the road as you move your company forward.

Holistic Approach

To solve your toughest business problems, you need a holistic approach from subject matter experts who can lay out a straightforward plan for success, including rock-solid processes and execution to support you on the journey through:

Microsoft licensing for cloud and on-premises solutions

Reducing total IT cost while leveraging the best tech available

Upgrading older platforms and migrating your systems to new cloud-based platforms

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