Mainframe to Cloud Native

It’s a daunting yet inevitable chore for any IT department: how to deal with old and costly mainframe infrastructure. Fortunately, INNOVA’s experts are here to help you choose the right solution for the problems you’re trying to solve. We can also deliver Raincode’s compiler technologies to modernize your legacy systems, taking them off the mainframe and migrating them seamlessly to a modern platform.

Let INNOVA help modernize your IT infrastructure.

Why Modernize?

CIOs are increasingly looking to modernize for many reasons, but Deloitte research shows using outdated tech can limit your company’s ability to meet key business objectives—and could even cause you to miss out on growth opportunities. If that – or any of the other modernization drivers listed – sound familiar to you, contact INNOVA to begin your modernization journey.

Drivers of Modernization

Assess Your Options

According to Gartner, “every dollar invested in digital business innovation through to the end of 2020 will require enterprises to spend at least three times that to continuously modernize the legacy application portfolio.” Before you decide where to invest your valuable IT dollars, INNOVA consultants will work with you to do a deep dive into the problems you’re facing and then carefully consider your options, including:

Why Raincode?

If rehosting is the best way to address your needs, INNOVA will partner with you to assess, tailor and execute your personalized road map to mainframe modernization using Raincode. Raincode provides rehosting solutions for outdated systems to .NET and Azure platforms without disrupting ongoing operations.

Mainframe modernization isn’t a DIY project. Let INNOVA help eliminate pain points and reduce overall expenses through our tried-and-true approach to IT implementation, migration, integration, usage and adoption.

Our Approach

Our Experience





Backoffice operations for 120+ banks

CICS (no emulator)
DB2 to MS SQL Svr

> 20.000 MIPS

In production since 2014.
Application server with over 200 core CPUs.

Digital Bank, 3rd largest in Poland

DB2 to MS SQL Svr

9.600 MIPS

Single source deployed simultaneously on Mainframe and .NET. Benchmarked in Redmond to over 10.000 transactions per second

Digital service provider
of omnichannel retail solutions

DB2 to DB2 LUW

1.200 MIPS

In production since 2017, Mainframe switched of 1 year after start of phased migration project

Social Security for the Czech Republic: Pensions and Health

Fujitsu Mainframe

> 1.000 MIPS

In production since 2017, applications running on the same hardware on .NET

Car and Truck Manufacturer

DB2 to SQL Azure

No offload
7 x 16 cores on Azure

WLTP CO2 calculations operate on Azure Service Fabric performing >100 car configurations per second

Second largest Insurance company in Denmark

Insurance premium calculation algorithms

Deployed on 400 laptops

Insurance premium calculations done by Agents on laptop are identical to the mainframe calculations in their back-office.

The Raincode product suite

New Development in C#, VB.NET, F#

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