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You need business process management solutions ASAP, but it’s tough to find Pega-certified implementation experts you can trust. The expert team at BPM911 is here to tackle your Pega digital process automation emergencies.

Modern day customers are increasingly seeking self-service, pertinent and relatable way of interacting with businesses. Business leadership that has the vision and an action plan to provide such platform and services to their customers are going to lead the pack in their respective industries. For example, a Banking customer interested in knowing the status of the loan, he/she may choose to interact by sending an email to common mailbox and follow-up with chat function available on Bank’s website. How do you provide a seamless way for the customer to hop from one medium of communication to another without losing the history of conversation? Truth be told as simple as it may sound there are very few businesses that have managed to overcome this challenge. On a recent survey it was discovered that the customer who were able to interact with the businesses on omnichannel were 40% more likely to be retained.

The customers today look at any what to provide intelligent automation solution for the common business processes. Our workforce intelligence solution starts with assessment and review day in life of a persona user. For example, if business is seeking to identify process automation opportunities in a call center environment then the workforce intelligence solution runs as a BOT on call center employees and managers desktops. The workforce intelligence analyses redundant processes and actions that are performed at the call center. After few weeks, the workforce intelligence has enough data available to make suggestions and recommendations on areas of improvement and automation.

INNOVA is your rescue team for digital transformation.

We know Pega. We’re resourced and ready to handle your Pega BPM challenges. At BPM911, our proven delivery process consists of three customizable phases to promote rapid delivery, reduce risk and ensure applications are usable and relevant for your end-users.

Pega's Potential ROI for Enterprise

1 %
Reduce development costs

1 %
Reduce time-to-market

Launched new business applications up to 90 days earlier

1 %
Achieved up to 75% end-user productivity gains.

You deserve a fresh set of eyes to help organize the technology roadmap best suited to your needs. Let BPM911 help keep your business moving forward.

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