Mobile Application Development

Our team of experts specialize in developing custom mobile applications to serve your unique needs, giving you a competitive edge in your marketplace.

Rather than conforming your workflow to rigid software, our certified developers utilize Microsoft and open source technologies to build custom mobile applications that eliminate redundancy, improve processes and save you time and money.

Enhance processes

Safeguard information

At INNOVA, we don’t just bridge gaps—we build you a roadmap into the future.

Our unique 360-degree approach to requirements discovery allows us to immerse ourselves in your business to understand your processes, develop an app that’s specific to your organization’s needs, and provide comprehensive onboarding with your team to ensure a smooth transition.

These tailor-made mobile applications streamline your business processes and silos that hinder organizational efficiency by simplifying:

  • Assessing your people, process and data to understand unique requirements
  • Creating an application to meet those specific requirements
  • Insuring the access and security addresses your needs
  • We understand your business goals and our accomplished team of development professionals deliver the solutions you need faster, for less cost and with reduced risk.

Your relationship with external audiences is just as important as your internal processes, and usability can make or break that relationship. With easy-to-use interfaces, our custom mobile apps create the positive experience your team members and clients expect through features like:

  • Easy to use applications
  • Online and offline access
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Extensive search capabilities

We provide a fresh set of eyes for the road ahead, navigating your business forward.

Improve customer satisfaction

Security is what keeps business leadership up at night.

Whether it’s personally identifiable information or proprietary content, it’s essential that sensitive information remain safeguarded. Our custom applications supply an added layer of protection, insulating both your company and your clients from hackers through secure file storage and advanced data-loss prevention.

INNOVA offers much more than a solution. We deliver our clients peace of mind.

Contact us to find out how INNOVA can transform your business with forward motion.

Case Study

Driving Kansas to the finish line: INNOVA creates groundbreaking driver’s license solution

It’s the end of the month, and your driver’s license is set to expire. You arrive at the DMV first thing in the morning and are met with standing room and a two hour wait. For drivers in Kansas, this familiar struggle has been eliminated, thanks to iKan by PayIT and the KanLicense application by INNOVA Consulting Group. Learn more...

INNOVA KanLicense application case study