By: Bruce Scott

Proactive service for today’s digital customer

For customer experience leaders, the days of reactive service are long gone. Instead, today’s world is digital and proactive: Your customers expect frictionless service on whatever device is closest to them. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of all customer interactions will involve digital channels – including messaging, live chat, and chatbots.

The race to digital transformation starts with a balanced, customer-centric strategy to differentiate and retain your most valued clients. As part of the Pega InfinityTM Digital Transformation Suite, Pega Customer ServiceTM can help drive this effort with AI-powered customer engagement and end-to-end robotic automation. These capabilities are designed to fuel personalized interactions and streamlined service journeys across your entire enterprise.

Pega Customer Service empowers large organizations to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer engagement: Guide the user throughout the entire journey on either assisted or self-service channels so conversations are simple, productive, and consistent.
  • Make agents more productive: Accelerate agent productivity with contextual knowledge content to provide a personalized service experience, solving customer issues quickly and accurately.
  • Drive greater revenue and retention: Guide agents in real time with contextual recommendations using next best actions for the right offer or the best retention strategy to meet each individual circumstance.

Why Pega Customer Service is different

Pega Customer Service helps drive better business outcomes by delivering one-to-one customer engagement powered by real-time omni-channel AI and end-to-end robotic automation, to make customer and employee-facing processes more efficient.

Three Pega Customer Service editions are designed to meet your customer service needs, offering these key capabilities:

  • Real-time, omni-channel AI: Deliver consistent and personalized customer service experiences across phone, web, email, chat and more without losing the context of the conversation.
  • AI-guided interactions: Pega’s AI-Augmented agent capability learns from your top agents for optimal next-best-action guidance.
  • Dynamic case management: Connect people, contact center systems and processes for end-to-end visibility and resolution.
  • Contextual digital self-service: Make your website experiences more effective by infusing context with personalized offers for increased customer engagement.
  • Robotic desktop automation: Optimize and automate mundane processes with a personal robot. These are available for every agent.
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants: Deploy conversational interfaces and AI-powered email to speed up responses using Pega’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant.
  • Integrated computer telephony integration (CTI): Personalized screen pops within the agent desktop using Pega Call.
  • Knowledge management, communities, and troubleshooter: Support for curated articles, discussion groups and troubleshooting.
  • Real-time co-browse: Share the same webpage with just a single click. This can be done between two or more parties.
  • Web/mobile mashup: Embed self-service options throughout your customer journey.
  • Personalized desktop with industry views: Adapt to each customer need across multiple vertical industries.

Check out this quick video for a deeper understanding of how your client relationship management may affect your business.

The benefits of digital customer service

Real, proven benefits: Additionally, according to a Forrester Research independent study, organizations that select Pega for their digital customer service transformation enjoy real benefits, including but not limited to:

  • 12% reduction in average handle time
  • 15% improvement in the conversion rate
  • 24% reduction in average customer churn rate
  • 473% ROI, with a payback period of just six months

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