What is Pega Marketing Automation?

By Michael Corbin

To organizations, marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed to help them more effectively market across multiple online channels and to automate repetitive tasks. To their customers, marketing automation is what drives personalized experiences with the brand, giving them the right information at the right time. Not only is it what we’ve come to expect from consumer-facing companies; it’s also how those companies will retain customers over the long-term.

While Pega CRM and Marketing can help you onboard new customers, I see the greater value of the platform as a way to provide your customers with ongoing support and targeted offerings that meet their current needs. For example, one great feature of Pega Marketing is the Next-Best-Action (NBA) suggestions that logically fits the needs of your customers. The NBA items also align with your business goals and can be adjusted accordingly to changing business goals and desired outcomes – all the while meeting customer needs and giving them a personal experience with your brand. This is where a marketing team can configure their marketing automation flows for each individual customer type, situation and preferred channel. Whether your customer prefers to receive information via email, phone, text, chatbots or your website, your marketing automation needs to provide a seamless experience for your customers. This is how you keep them happy and help advance your business goals.

With Pega, AI is always working for you in the background, so as your customers’ needs change and as they show interest in different products, your Pega Marketing Automation platform will learn and keep your messages relevant to each individual customer. As Pega describes it:

“Your always-on brain will help you connect cross-channel conversations through [Pega’s] Customer Decision Hub that anticipates, simulates and orchestrate the entire customer journey automatically.”

It’s no secret that we’re constantly being retargeted online. Go look for shoes on Amazon, and the next thing you know you’re seeing shoe ads everywhere you go on the internet. I have Google Fiber at home, so we’re even seeing television commercials based upon a Google search performed earlier that day. It can be creepy, but it’s also targeted and usually relevant to our needs. With Pega you can use their Paid Media Manager to empower your search, social and display campaigns with one-to-one intelligence – automatically. Pega AI learns from each interaction on your owned channels (i.e., your website) and uses that intelligence to make paid media buys more cost-effective.

As with workflows and process automation, you can set up your marketing automation programs to mirror customer journeys. It’s a real-time approach that instantly analyzes and assesses the best options for each customer, where they are in their buying journey and provides them with the NBA at the moment they’re ready.

Of course there’s much, much more to Pega Marketing Automation. With Pega, I love that you can include best practices in your marketing processes, and you can ensure (through guardrails) that you’re offering your customers value with each touch. It’s all built into the software. As we know, it takes much more time and effort to capture a new customer than selling deeper into your current customer base. You need a platform that can scale with your growth, handle an unlimited number of customers simultaneously, and deliver the right messages at the right time. Pega can do all of that and more with its Marketing Automation capabilities.

Here are a few other examples of Pega’s Marketing Automation features:

Decision Strategy Manager

Provides you with a single place to easily design, build and execute all inbound and outbound strategies.

Visual Business Director

Lets you simulate and view how key adjustments in marketing tactics can lead to more optimal outcomes.

Pega Retail Advisor

Provides a luxury customer experience from the second a customer enters the store.

Next-Best-Action Advisor

Gives agents a 360-degree customer view and provides the best contextual recommendations.

Marketing Dashboards

Keep a finger on the pulse of your marketing efforts as they track key performance indicators.

Outbound Marketing Management

Orchestrates proactive marketing treatments to drive inbound engagements.

Field Marketing

Empowers local marketers to quickly configure and run customized marketing efforts using reusable corporate assets.

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