Standardize and Automate Sales with Pega

By Bruce Scott and Michael Corbin

Pega Sales Automation is the only solution that truly automates the sales cycle, leading to more effective sales reps, better customer relationships, and ultimately, more sales. While there are many CRM platforms and sales automation solutions available, only Pega’s AI solution can intelligently guide sales professionals from lead to close and automate the sales process.

The reality is that traditional automation systems for sales forces aren’t delivering for your reps, which means they’re not helping to generate more revenue. Additionally, most sales automation platforms don’t provide accurate forecasts that management can use to proactively identify issues, then deliver specific training in real-time to coach their reps. In fact, most traditional sales automation tools add time and tasks to the process, which hurts productivity and profitability.

What is Pega Sales Automation?Pega Sales Automation
Like all things Pega, its Sales Automation platform has many robust and intelligent features. With the use of AI, it is constantly learning what works and what doesn’t work, then automatically optimizes your sales processes to help advise and guide reps, agents and managers with each engagement. This continual learning shifts the paradigm from reactive (or even guessing) to proactive and insightful data-driven improvements.

While the ability to accurately forecast your sales is key, Pega can also help drive retention, cross-selling, up-selling and repeat purchases. In previous blog posts we’ve mentioned Next Best Action (NBA), which means always providing your sales reps with recommendations that are aligned with your business goals and tailored to each specific. In a pre-sale situation, Pega can help identify the best qualified leads for your business, coach your reps and make them smarter as they build, progress and close leads in their pipeline. The result is identifying hidden revenue within your pipelines and current customer base, all driving more business for your company.

Additionally, Pega Sales Automation can integrate with Microsoft O365 Outlook and automatically log emails and event activities with each CRM record. And with Pega’s AI, next steps, responses and improved engagement recommendations are all available to your sales reps. Another integration you can do is with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which includes even more productivity tools to target, understand and engage buyers. Knowing your customers, their business, and the challenges and needs they face will make the difference in meeting your sales goals and closing deals faster.

As if that wasn’t enough, Pega also helps you power collaboration across multiple channels with their Partner Relationship Management tool. This helps you gain insights into your partners’ business deals, sales, activities and forecasts in real time. It’s powerful knowledge that can be used to strengthen your partner relationships, and it can help you create personalized portals and highly targeted content for sharing and learning.

And of course, Pega Sales Automation tools work on any device, allowing you to close deals on the go, on or offline. Your road warriors will always have access to their leads, opportunities and NBAs, and they’ll be able to share content (e.g., marketing collateral and other product information) with prospects and clients.

Knowing where your business is going through AI-infused dashboards is critical in today’s competitive environment. Pega Sales Automation comes with 40 pre-built dashboards, or you can customize your dashboard to meet your business requirements. Be a better sales manager and help your sales reps, before they miss their quota. Know with confidence the accuracy and reality of your forecasts, quickly see lead rank scoring, and take your sales automation to the next level.

Additional Pega Sales Automation Product Features:

Contact and account management – Keep contacts and accounts up-to-date in Pega Cloud® or your enterprise systems. Stay current on marketing and service activities, products owned, and associated opportunities and leads.

Lead and opportunity management – Create and progress leads through opportunity stages you define. Then, route to the right seller, or engage online with intelligent virtual agents.

• Intelligent guided sales- Extract intelligence from sales activities and trigger dynamic sales processes. Digital automation, AI, and open integration ensure insurance, financial services, and healthcare sales teams are using best practices.

Task and activity management – Ensure client and prospect engagement is not only taking place but contributing to outcomes. Then streamline task and activity execution with Pega Robotic Process Automation.

Product, territory, and partner management – Create product catalogs and manage sales territories across direct teams and partners. Expand product sales and create channel visibility with partner profiles and deal registration guidelines.

Forecast management – Submit and revise forecasts and see what’s changed and what the AI predicts. Use close plans and social collaboration capabilities to drive to the revenue goal.

Sales content management – Embed relevant content into sales steps. Analytics give insights into which content helps you reach your pipeline endgame.

Integration with Pega CRM – Meet the Salesforce alternative. Pega’s unified CRM platform delivers pre-built integration to Pega Marketing and Customer Service so you don’t have to integrate data or deal with separate siloes of intelligence.

Want to learn more about Pega Sales Automation? Check out this quick overview video, then contact us to get started with your Pega implementation.

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