Microsoft Teams

A team is more than the act of working together; it’s about collaboration, communication and a common goal. 

Microsoft Teams is a one-stop-shop for team collaboration, video conferencing, instant messaging and file sharing, bringing together all of your team’s internal communication and serving as a hub for your business. 

  • Team collaboration: Teams is a customizable productivity solution that brings together every employee, every account and every project in a shared workspace that can be accessed from anywhere. 
  • Video conferencingInvite internal employees in addition to external partners (at no added cost) to Teams’ audio, video and web conferencing platform. 
  • Instant messagingWith features like emojis and GIFs, and the ability to chat one-on-one or with a team, users are able to consistently communicate with one another through Teams. 
  • File sharingTeams eliminates versioning confusion by fully integrating with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive and SharePoint, maximizing productivity and allowing users to seamlessly collaborate on the same file concurrently. 

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There's a better way to work.

More than 500,000 organizations worldwide have turned to Microsoft Teams as their primary communication and collaboration tool, providing a streamlined alternative to the cobbled methods of the past.

Bring your communications together.

Bring your team together.

Eliminate the silos hindering productivity.

Microsoft Teams is a tool for:

  • Team Collaboration
  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • File Sharing

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