M+A Technology Assessment

When two organizations come together to create a new, joint entity – or when one takes over the other – the moving parts seem endless. The process moves slowly as the C-suites, negotiators and general counsel for each company work through the myriad fine points of combining two separate businesses. CEOs, CFOs, CHROs and CMOs are usually on the front lines to ensure a smooth transition of business practices, financials, insurance, employees and marketing.

But what about the CIOs? IT touches all of the above, yet the gargantuan task of combining two IT infrastructures is often left to just a few people to hammer out.

INNOVA’s M+A checklist helps ensure a seamless IT transition.

INNOVA’s M+A due diligence process is designed to give you the confidence that within both organizations’ IT infrastructure, no stone was left unturned.


IT Due Diligence Checklist

• Overall system architecture
• Hardware
• Software
• Internet & telecom systems
• Cyber & network security
• Customer support systems
• IT support staff

Our team will help you assess and create the path forward that makes the most sense for combining both IT infrastructures – now and down the road. We’ll stick with you post-merger or acquisition to ensure a seamless transition – so you can focus on building your new organization.

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