Microsoft Teams: Team work gets things done.

Speaking of teams. A team is more than the act of working together; it’s about collaboration, communication, and a common goal, and this exactly what Microsoft Teams offers within its digital team environment – a work-space for employees to have conversations and share content within channels. Channels are created for projects or topics of discussion.

Members can view conversations at any time, jump into threads at any point, keep track of relevant threads and receive alerts when someone has posted activity in the channel. They can contribute to the conversation and embed files, notes, images, gifs, and emojis. Because not all conversations are exclusive to the team or company, members can invite others with guest access. Most corporate and consumer domains are quickly added or removed as necessary.

Another common collaborative environment happens in the iconic word document. Millions use Word on a daily basis and request that others collaborate on the document with the caveat “please use track changes for edits” or “add your initials to the file name.” Microsoft 365 makes this easy with document co-authoring for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Whether online, offline or in real time – teams can now work on document edits together and simultaneously while viewing changes live.

Integrated version history and activity feeds enable users to keep track of collaboration. Files can sync via the cloud and the user’s PC. Email attachments are no longer necessary – authors can invite others by using the share button and can quickly manage permission authority. Now that’s true collaboration!

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