Headquartered in Belgium, Raincode has created IT to modernize legacy systems and allow them to be independent of any proprietary environment for more than 20 years. Raincode Legacy Compilers were designed from the ground up as legacy compilers, as opposed to development compilers, knowing they will be used more often to compile existing portfolios than newly developed code.

INNOVA will help deliver Raincode’s compiler technologies to American organizations through the Raincode Competence Center, which will provide mainframe modernization services in the U.S. The program is intended for organizations searching for advanced solutions to help migrate legacy applications from the mainframe to a modern distributed system better suited to today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Mainframe modernization: The Top 3 Challenges for Mainframe CIOs

Courtesy of Raincode

  1. How do you stop the growth of your mainframe expenditure now?
    With mainframe transactions increasing exponentially, stopping the growth of your mainframe expenditure may seem like an impossible task. You can't exactly ask your customers to stop using your services, and why would you? The only way to reduce your mainframe expenditure right now is to replatform. Take your most frequently used applications and move them to a modern, more flexible, and lower-cost platform.
  2. How do you modernize your PL/I, HLASM and COBOL code without risk?
    Your mainframe applications are vital to your business. Any downtime, errors or data loss could have a serious impact on your bottom line. The best way to minimize this risk is to perform your modernization incrementally, maintaining the option to roll your system back if any issues occur.
  3. How do you provide new functionalities in your mainframe applications without rewriting them?
    There really is "an app for that,” and for consumers, there has never been a more convenient time to be alive. For companies providing those services, however, that means a large amount of pressure to meet rapidly changing consumer demands. For mainframe applications that were written 20, 30 or even 40 years ago in obsolete languages, meeting that demand is a tall order. However, by simply replatforming, you can keep the legacy code that has served you so well for so many years while continuing to develop the new services that your customers want in modern programming languages such as C#.

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