Intelligent Search & Discovery: Utilizes Computer Vision

Do you ever search for one thing on the internet and another thing completely unrelated comes up?

A layer of intelligence has been added to what used to be a basic search. Users can search content across all Microsoft 365 based on their user permission levels and information relevant to their organizational context. Personalized searches prioritize findings by leveraging artificial intelligence to help recognize what results are relevant to each user. The system learns from past tasks and queries and can predict current needs similar to the science of weather predictions. The good news is you are not limited by contextual suggestions – they simply appear first in the search results to expedite the process.

Although not all organizational content is accessible to all employees, content is easily added or removed temporarily or permanently from searches by IT Administrators. Customized crawl schedules can be created to ensure the most up-to-date information is included, or manual crawls can be performed. Administrators can verify that search crawlers have done their job of presenting the information users are looking for by ensuring content was added to the search index.

Search gets even more intelligent with recently added features such as the automatic detection of images in SharePoint and OneDrive. Not only can a search determine what type of image it is – whiteboard, receipt, photo, business card, X-ray, using computer vision it can identify the location data (when available) as well as any text associated with the photo. 21 different file formats are available to search…Think of all the time employees will save searching for that one event photo.

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