INNOVA Consulting: Transforming businesses with forward motion

Whether it was a new air filter or an oil change, my father ran a service station and was always a fix-it-yourself kind of guy when it came to cars.

While I’m prepared to easily change a tire or top off my wiper fluid, technology and digitization have transformed our cars – and our larger world – and made that do-it-yourself mentality increasingly difficult.

And that’s a challenge because the average American driver puts in more than 13,000 miles behind the wheel each year. It’s important to feel confident in an expert mechanic to keep a well-oiled machine. You don’t want some “net-head” troubleshooting your car’s engine noises on Google, hoping to find the right solution.

The same should go for the technology that keeps your organization running.

Roadmap for success

INNOVA is a Microsoft cloud consulting and solutions firm committed to transforming businesses, guiding them on a technology roadmap for success. Our team comprises three Microsoft MVPs and one of 67 Microsoft Certified Masters worldwide who understand the intricacies of software, including how and why these solutions solve your organizational problems.

INNOVA got its name from a Toyota model available in India that represents the highest quality of craftsmanship, dependability and affordability—the type of confidence we deliver to our clients. The name is also a nod to the innovative ways we solve problems.

Since joining the team in 2016, I’ve had the pleasure of helping to realign the focus of those services to meet the needs of clients through:

  1. Microsoft business applications
    Business applications should simplify workloads within your organization, not add complexity. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we streamline processes and improve internal communication for your organization, from finance and customer service to sales force automation and operations.
  2. Custom application development
    Rather than conforming your workflow to rigid software, our certified developers use Microsoft and open-source technology to build custom applications specific to your needs to eliminate redundancy, improve processes, and save time and money
  3. Usage and adoption
    To solve your toughest business problems, you need a holistic approach from subject matter experts. We assess your existing software applications to identify areas where you can simplify processes, save money on licensing and increase the value of your investment.
  4. IT strategy
    Behind every accomplished CEO is a great CIO or CTO developing a forward-thinking IT strategy. Engaging an outsource partner allows your organization access to a wealth of experience at a fraction of the cost, whether it’s a strategic assessment or a fractional CIO/CTO engagement.

At the end of the day, you need a tech partner you can trust with rock-solid processes. INNOVA isn’t just a team of “Google architects.” We’re developers. We’re information architects. We’re strategists. And we’re eager to help clients find success with Microsoft Cloud technologies.

I’m excited to be on this ride with INNOVA, and I look forward to the innovative road ahead.

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