Forms: Survey says?

If you want a quick way to poll 5,000 of your customers using their first and last name on whether they prefer XYZ service or ABC product from your company, just enable Forms in Office 365. Forms generate web-based surveys, quizzes and polls with predefined options such as multiple choice, ratings, dates, and open text fields.

You can add a logo, picture, QR code, or even a video to the survey and share for further collaboration before the survey goes live. Once all the questions are created for any surveys or quizzes you can add Branching Logic. Branching Logic enables various paths depending on the responses given to specific questions. By doing this you can create a customized journey which is ultimately more relevant to your respondent. If the response given doesn’t match with the current path it will redirect the respondent to a different series of questions or just skip them all together.

Here is a link on how to enable Branching to your surveys and quizzes.

Forms offer a simple and powerful analysis with real-time reporting features. You can more easily engage with the charts that are automatically generated saving even more time. Forms also has the ability to export the results to Excel.

Forms in Office 365 offers themes and enables web responsive surveys, polls and quizzes that work in any browser. Work smarter by enabling Forms for your organization.

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