CFO / Director of Finance

How can we help your CFO find the right solutions while staying within budget?

CFO’s are driven by the bottom line, especially when it comes to computer systems and software. Your company wants the right solution that meets the needs of your work force while still fitting within the constraints of the budget.

ERP solutions

INNOVA’s Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence solutions with Microsoft can meet those needs as your company moves forward along the path to success. Gone are the days of outdated enterprise systems that require redundant data entry and cause reporting challenges.

Our qualified team of Microsoft experts create customized solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP to solve your toughest business problems, including siloed systems, complicated and incomplete reporting, lack of secure workflows, audit trails that increase risk and the inability to handle increased inventory and transactions.

Integrating systems

One of the largest obstacles to workplace efficiency is siloed information. INNOVA works to understand your processes to improve workflow and eliminate redundancy.

Our experts provide customized solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP to solve these challenges. We deliver complete Quote to Cash solutions that integrate sales, operations, manufacturing, supply chain and project management into the same system, providing a seamless transition to increase transparency and help your company grow.

Forward thinking

Don’t let your outdated systems and processes hold your company back from future success.

It’s possible to get the IT infrastructure your company needs within your budget with INNOVA. We’re bringing a fresh set of eyes for the road ahead, driving innovation and moving your business forward.

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