Driving Business Success through Strategic Partnerships: How INNOVA Consulting’s Microsoft Cloud Solutions Can Help You Succeed

INNOVA Consulting Group understands that strategic partnerships drive success, which is why they are proud to work with leading industry experts to help clients achieve success through technology transformation. As a Tier 1 Direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with Microsoft certification, INNOVA offers a comprehensive range of Microsoft cloud products and services, including M365, Office 365 E1, E3, E5, Dynamics 365 applications, and Azure VMs, among others.

INNOVA stands out from traditional license resellers by focusing on customer success over sales. Unlike other companies, INNOVA does not believe in the “sell and disappear” model of business. Once a customer signs on with INNOVA, they are assigned an Account Manager and Situation Specialist who can assist with any questions or issues. Customers can always rely on INNOVA to provide the services they deserve from a CSP partner.

INNOVA offers complimentary quarterly assessments for clients to ensure they are effectively getting their worth from their investment in Office 365 toolsets. The assessment focuses on key areas, including identifying opportunities to improve services or reduce licensing costs, providing insights into rogue users of Office 365 services, and advising on the effective utilization of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, PowerApps, and Flow.

Moreover, all customers with more than 200 seat purchases are eligible for four hours of consulting hours from INNOVA’s lead Microsoft Architects. This service can be utilized at the client’s discretion for cloud security reviews, advisory services including Office 365, setting up a tenant, Azure sync, Azure, or Government Cloud, setting up FedRAMP compliant DevOps services, continuous integration for DevOps services, Dynamics 365, and other Microsoft offered cloud services.

INNOVA Consulting Group guarantees the lowest CSP prices for all Microsoft cloud products and will beat competitor prices. They offer a unique mix of skills for implementation services at discounted rates through their usage and adoption practice to help clients realize the full value of their Microsoft cloud investment.

In conclusion, INNOVA Consulting Group provides unparalleled Microsoft licenses and support services to ensure their clients achieve success in their technology transformation journey. Contact INNOVA for a free consultation and discover how they can help you achieve your business goals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales: How it Can Help You Optimize Your Customer Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a comprehensive solution that integrates all your business functions such as marketing campaigns, data analysis, meetings, customer care, opportunity management, and more. This platform leverages internal and external data to identify patterns and trends, enabling you to predict customer engagement.

Dynamics 365 CRM uses this information to provide recommendations on how to optimize your customer engagement. With all your customer data in one place, you can centralize customer information, automate marketing interactions, provide business intelligence, facilitate communications, track sales opportunities, analyze data, and enable responsive customer service.

The platform’s centralization of customer data is particularly advantageous, allowing you to gain a complete understanding of each customer and their preferences. Additionally, automating marketing interactions improves efficiency and reduces errors, while business intelligence allows you to make informed decisions.

Facilitating communication also enables you to keep track of customer interactions, which is especially important when it comes to sales opportunities. Tracking these opportunities helps you to prioritize and manage them efficiently, increasing your chances of success.
Moreover, the ability to analyze data and predict customer engagement patterns and trends means that you can take proactive measures to improve customer satisfaction. With responsive customer service, you can quickly address any concerns and build strong customer relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is an all-in-one solution that allows you to streamline your business operations, increase efficiency, and improve customer engagement. With the platform’s comprehensive capabilities, you can centralize customer information, automate marketing interactions, provide business intelligence, facilitate communication, track sales opportunities, analyze data, and enable responsive customer service.

Innova Consulting Group: Delivering Comprehensive Managed Services for Cloud Computing

Innova Consulting Group offers comprehensive managed services for cloud computing, providing a range of services to help businesses optimize their cloud infrastructure and operations. One of the company’s key advantages is the dedicated situation manager assigned to each account. Unlike other companies that rely on chatbots, Innova Consulting Group provides a real person who works with clients throughout the support tenure to address any open Office 365 issues.

In addition to the dedicated situation manager, Innova Consulting Group offers cloud consults with industry experts on an as-needed basis. The company also provides architecture review sessions for teams that need guidance on industry-specific best practices for cloud architecture.

The company’s expertise in cloud technologies ensures that clients receive the best advice and guidance to achieve their cloud computing goals. Innova Consulting Group offers a guaranteed low price for cloud software applications, including office 365 workloads, Azure hosting, and Sharegate licensing. The company provides a 100% price match guarantee, ensuring clients get the best value for their money.

Training is also included in the support package, providing periodic training on the effective utilization of various office 365 workloads, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook, and P2P Telephony. This training helps businesses stay up to date with the latest cloud computing technologies and use them more efficiently.

Innova Consulting Group provides proactive communications to keep clients informed about the Microsoft release and patch cycle, so they are always prepared for any changes or issues that may arise in Azure. The company also provides monitoring services to keep Office 365 tenants in sync with Microsoft’s product release cycles and patching.

Innova Consulting Group provides roadmapping services to help clients plan, manage, and execute their cloud initiatives. The company provides access to industry experts and Microsoft architects who can help plan cloud initiatives, executive cloud initiatives, and manage cloud initiatives.

In conclusion, Innova Consulting Group is a reliable and experienced partner that provides comprehensive managed services for cloud computing. With its focus on customer satisfaction and expertise in cloud technologies, Innova Consulting Group can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and succeed in today’s competitive market.

What is Pega Customer Service?

By: Bruce Scott

Proactive service for today’s digital customer

For customer experience leaders, the days of reactive service are long gone. Instead, today’s world is digital and proactive: Your customers expect frictionless service on whatever device is closest to them. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of all customer interactions will involve digital channels – including messaging, live chat, and chatbots.

The race to digital transformation starts with a balanced, customer-centric strategy to differentiate and retain your most valued clients. As part of the Pega InfinityTM Digital Transformation Suite, Pega Customer ServiceTM can help drive this effort with AI-powered customer engagement and end-to-end robotic automation. These capabilities are designed to fuel personalized interactions and streamlined service journeys across your entire enterprise.

Pega Customer Service empowers large organizations to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer engagement: Guide the user throughout the entire journey on either assisted or self-service channels so conversations are simple, productive, and consistent.
  • Make agents more productive: Accelerate agent productivity with contextual knowledge content to provide a personalized service experience, solving customer issues quickly and accurately.
  • Drive greater revenue and retention: Guide agents in real time with contextual recommendations using next best actions for the right offer or the best retention strategy to meet each individual circumstance.

Why Pega Customer Service is different

Pega Customer Service helps drive better business outcomes by delivering one-to-one customer engagement powered by real-time omni-channel AI and end-to-end robotic automation, to make customer and employee-facing processes more efficient.

Three Pega Customer Service editions are designed to meet your customer service needs, offering these key capabilities:

  • Real-time, omni-channel AI: Deliver consistent and personalized customer service experiences across phone, web, email, chat and more without losing the context of the conversation.
  • AI-guided interactions: Pega’s AI-Augmented agent capability learns from your top agents for optimal next-best-action guidance.
  • Dynamic case management: Connect people, contact center systems and processes for end-to-end visibility and resolution.
  • Contextual digital self-service: Make your website experiences more effective by infusing context with personalized offers for increased customer engagement.
  • Robotic desktop automation: Optimize and automate mundane processes with a personal robot. These are available for every agent.
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants: Deploy conversational interfaces and AI-powered email to speed up responses using Pega’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant.
  • Integrated computer telephony integration (CTI): Personalized screen pops within the agent desktop using Pega Call.
  • Knowledge management, communities, and troubleshooter: Support for curated articles, discussion groups and troubleshooting.
  • Real-time co-browse: Share the same webpage with just a single click. This can be done between two or more parties.
  • Web/mobile mashup: Embed self-service options throughout your customer journey.
  • Personalized desktop with industry views: Adapt to each customer need across multiple vertical industries.

Check out this quick video for a deeper understanding of how your client relationship management may affect your business.

The benefits of digital customer service

Real, proven benefits: Additionally, according to a Forrester Research independent study, organizations that select Pega for their digital customer service transformation enjoy real benefits, including but not limited to:

  • 12% reduction in average handle time
  • 15% improvement in the conversion rate
  • 24% reduction in average customer churn rate
  • 473% ROI, with a payback period of just six months

Have questions on how your business can implement Pega? Contact BPM911 for a personalized readiness assessment today.

At BPM911, powered by INNOVA Consulting, all we do is Pega. Headquartered in Kansas City with offices in Atlanta, GA, Scottsdale, AZ and Bangalore, India, our team of 80+ expert consultants is ready to meet your demand for Pega implementation – right now.

How Pega BPM software can synchronize the U.S. Army’s HR systems

By George Ross, Retired U.S Army 42H Adjutant General

What a privilege to work with INNOVA Consulting as part of the Hiring Our Heroes corporate fellowship program, which provides a golden opportunity for retiring service members like me to integrate into the private sector while still on active duty. As a Pega Business Partner and a Microsoft Gold Certified, Tier 1 cloud solutions provider, INNOVA is on the cutting edge of emerging technology for cloud and business process management (BPM). This fellowship period I’m focused on broadening my knowledge of this business domain, including becoming a Pega Certified Business Architect.

Serving as an HR professional in the U.S. Army provided me firsthand experience of working in a large organization saddled with innumerable business processes to handle the myriad needs of the end-user – the Soldier. These needs, to name just a few, include pay, evaluations, awards, leave (paid time off), travel (we do a lot!), training, duty assignments and promotions. The evolution of Army automated business practices has resulted in a rather convoluted architecture that continues to be challenged with multiple interfaces that lack logical data integration. For instance, the system that tracks and processes pay and leave is separate from other HR systems that process evaluations, awards, job assignments and accountability. Managing these separate systems requires multiple inputs and extra manpower. In fact, the military has distinct jobs (called military occupational skill, or MOS) for the separate finance or HR systems.

Previously, the Department of Defense attempted to synchronize pay and personnel into a single system that spanned the various services (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines). After eight years of development and testing, the project was dissolved due to various insurmountable obstacles. Since then, the Army has developed its own version of an integrated pay and personnel system. After another eight years of development, it is slowly being rolled out across the force. Time will tell if it was successful, but the fact remains that it has taken a LONG time to field a product designed to integrate data just between the realms of pay and personnel.

This chart provides a snapshot of the numerous databases and interfaces the Army is attempting to integrate:

In its defense, the active Army has a half million Soldiers spread across the globe who belong to different “components,” e.g., Active, Reserve and National Guard. The Army also falls under an even larger bureaucracy called the Department of Defense, which is in turn governed by the laws and policy coming down from Congress. Is it any wonder our business processes may be inefficient or siloed?

Just a few weeks at INNOVA has exposed me to a new world of BPM and cloud possibilities that the Army would do well to consider. INNOVA’s marquee product is the Pega platform, an incredible no-code application development suite that provides robust BPM and Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for large enterprises. Pega’s most appealing feature is an application builder that allows users to design and execute automated business processes without writing a single line of code. Another exceptional feature is Pega’s ability to synchronize and integrate the user experience using multiple external systems of record.

Pega looks to be an ideal candidate to help the Army better integrate its approach to managing its people. By synchronizing data across the various systems of record and minimizing the numerous points of data entry, Pega provides a unified solution that could streamline and simplify HR delivery in an otherwise inefficient and disjointed array of systems. Pega can also help bridge the gap between HR professionals who understand business needs with the IT engineers who traditionally design and maintain the automated systems. Pega’s ability to seamlessly blend business goals, processes and user journeys directly in the application software makes it the ideal platform to transform the way the Army takes care of its Soldiers.

Joining INNOVA Consulting is a great launch point to experience the cutting-edge BPM and cloud technologies businesses must implement to stay relevant in the future. While the Army stays relevant just by the nature of its mission, implementing new BPM technology should help reduce the amount of resources currently dedicated to maintaining its legacy systems. Learning about INNOVA’s approach to Pega BPM and cloud technologies has opened my eyes to the realm of possibilities that emerging technology offers. Is your business willing to capitalize on this opportunity?

Have questions on how your organization can implement Pega? Contact BPM911 for a personalized readiness assessment today.

At BPM911, powered by INNOVA Consulting, all we do is Pega. Headquartered in Kansas City with offices in Atlanta, GA, Scottsdale, AZ and Bangalore, India, our team of 80+ expert consultants is ready to meet your demand for Pega implementation – right now.

Low Code No Code Approach

By Yossarian Silano

For the last several weeks I’ve been partnered with INNOVA Consulting Group through the Hiring our Heroes Fellowship program. INNOVA has taught me a lot about business in general, but my particular focus has been on working toward becoming a Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA). I don’t have an IT background, and I don’t write code, but here I am.

My Pega training has given me a lot to think about, particularly regarding the myriad processes found within the Department of Defense (DoD) enterprise. For 30 years, that enterprise has defined my day, every day. DoD has processes for everything, many of them made up of several processes, and all of them must be synchronized in time and space to be effective. Pega is very good at Business Process Management (BPM), although it is not limited to that.

Getting your DoD ID – something upon which everything my family needs access to relies – is very similar to getting your driver’s license: Wait in line, provide your ID, take a picture and pay a fee. COVID-19 has changed the DoD ID process, though, so that when my family and I attempted to obtain ours last week, we now required an appointment. What’s more, some high-risk employees can no longer work in that office, which has further reduced the number of people that can be seen (throughput). COVID reductions in the total number of people in each office have resulted in all the appointment slots being full past the end of the month. That is not enough to deal with the surge, because COVID also kept the office closed for several weeks and so there is now more demand due to expired cards than capacity for appointments.

The solution has been to allow walk-ins, which are accepted for just 30 minutes each day. During the more than hour-long check-in process, families were shoulder-to-shoulder in the hall outside the waiting area, which had most of the chairs removed to accommodate social distancing. Even after checking in, nobody could leave that crowded hall. To do so meant not getting your ID card, as the overwhelmed office just had time to shout a name once or twice and then move on to the next one. After the 30-minute walk-in window was up, people with appointments started coming in, and registered walk-ins were called in throughout the day in order of check-in as time allowed. It was an inefficient process hastily implemented to conform to a new policy by people too pressed to give it much thought. We spent two days in a row standing in that hall, and we still don’t have new ID cards. We’ll try again this week. I did have plenty of time to reflect on the process being used and to imagine several ways to improve it. To avoid overcrowding and wasted time, why couldn’t people leave until they were notified via email or text? This process either requires more workers—not a viable solution given the limited space—or it requires an automated solution.

Using Pega’s “low-code” or “no-code” approach, one person with minimal training could build a basic application in about an hour that would manage the walk-in process and alleviate the pain points I described above. That one person could be the clerk, or it could be an IT person who spoke with the clerk and witnessed the existing process. The point I focus on here is the office that has Pega can go from needing a solution to a sudden issue to implementing that solution within a day or two. It’s that simple. Once you’ve put together the basics, it’s easy to collaborate with IT or your developers and expand the application to do more. You can even fire up the Agile process and run a Sprint or two when you decide you need a more elegant solution.

Pega’s most important capability is empowering individuals in an organization to create applications that help them without having to expend additional resources to get it off the ground. The labor hours that can be saved here are effectively infinite.

“Low-code” is revolutionary in concept and will reshape how businesses approach their solutions. Pega has recognized this and expanded on it and embraced the application programming interface (API) aspect, so that the applications you build can talk to everyone else’s applications, no matter the code they use. If you have “siloed” applications, this is a fix. Pega can help you QUICKLY adjust to new conditions and modify your processes based on what you need right now. You don’t have to wait for months to get a new application built – your own people can build it, or in many cases just pull an already built low-code application and modify it to suit. That application is immediately available to use as you want. You can modify it, turn it off, turn it back on, etc. If you have an IT team, they can flesh out details of more complicated functions and deliver very complex capabilities much quicker than you’re accustomed to. You don’t need that level of support to get a basic application up and running in an office, but you would want it to tie more complex applications together across your enterprise. Need to share data across disparate systems and offices? Pega simplifies it for you. The question isn’t “What does Pega do?” but “What problem do you want to solve?”

Interested in learning more about how Pega can take your business process management to new heights? Contact BPM911, powered by INNOVA Consulting, today.

Driving Kansas to the finish line: INNOVA creates groundbreaking driver’s license solution

It’s the end of the month, and your driver’s license is set to expire. You arrive at the DMV first thing in the morning and are met with standing room and a two hour wait.

For drivers in Kansas, this familiar struggle has been eliminated, thanks to iKan by PayIT and the KanLicense application by INNOVA Consulting Group.

What is iKan?

The iKan mobile app allows individuals between the ages of 21 and 50 who already have Kansas driver’s licenses to renew their license, renew vehicle registrations and obtain records without ever setting foot in the DMV, saving drivers wait time and significantly decreasing processing time for the state. PayIT is the creator of the iKan application.

What is KanLicense?

The KanLicense application is the core DMV application running all back-office requirements for the Kansas DMV. The application launched last fall and is the first-of-its-kind nationwide. INNOVA’s team led the ground work of upgrading a 20+ year old mainframe hosted driver license solution to a Microsoft.NET web-based application. Because of the upgrade into modern technology, now the iKan app can simply call the backend services from KanLicense and allow Kansans to renew their driver’s license without having to leave their home.

We had the pleasure of taking the technological wheel for the project in June 2015, providing all of the technical solutions for the project, including UX design, UI design, and architecture design and development.

In addition to the development of KanLicense, we also were instrumental in getting the application certified with AAMVA (American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators) a process divided into multiple steps, spanning over six months. Team INNOVA is proud to have a DMV team who has the most current knowledge of AAMVA requirements and can get a DL solution certified in record time.

A holistic approach

For a unique project like this, we understood that the State’s relationship with external audiences was just as important as their internal processes, and usability would make or break those relationships. That’s why ensuring a full, 360-degree approach was critical.

A tech partner should immerse themselves in your business to understand your processes, pain points, and business goals, and develop a solution that’s specific to your organization’s needs.

However, a comprehensive solution doesn’t end there. Changing your processes is a difficult transition for the entire organization, from the frontline to the C-suite to your customer’s interface experience. You need experts who can provide organizational change management and proper onboarding to ensure a smooth transition for every single user.

With KanLicense, we not only had to develop a complex application that accomplished what the state needed, we also had to guarantee the product was intuitive for any Kansan looking to renew their license. By testing the product for the state, we ensured what Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer called a “smooth” launch with “minimal interruption to service for Kansas.”

Roadmap into the future

We are proud to trailblaze this groundbreaking technology. It’s a great example of how application development and IT solutions can impact processes for both government and businesses and continue to put our region on the map. iKan and KanLicense will impact millions of drivers in Kansas and serve as a model for other states in the future.

Interested in building a custom app for your organization? Contact INNOVA to see how a fresh set of eyes for the road ahead can drive innovation and move your organization forward.

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